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Welcome to the QCS Referral Dashboard!

Thank you for your referral!

When people like you recommend us to their friends we get that warm fuzzy feeling that you get when you are doing a good job.

If you have recently referred a friend it means that our friendly team may already be working with them to bring them on board.

But to make sure you keep an eye on the status of all your referrals please register your details and log into our Referral Dashboard. Here you will see all your referrals on one screen, how they are progressing and whether they have been successful or not.

You can also add your payment details to make sure you receive your reward payments as soon as your referral is confirmed successful.

If you made a referral please let your friend know you referred them so they know we will be in touch.

Keep those referrals coming! After your 4th successful referral* we will automatically give you a £500 bonus to say thank you!

Ts & Cs apply.